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The first Convention of this kind, hosted by FutureSoft, took place in 2010 and has become very popular amongst the participants in the Debt Collection industry.

Our 10 th Annual Debt Collection Convention was held at Emperors Palace on the 12 th of September 2019 and had a spectacular 465 person turn out.

It was our tenth anniversary (convention-wise) and it’s only fitting that it was our biggest yet. We pride ourselves on hosting the biggest convention of its kind in Africa and we plan on growing even more each year.

A big thank you to our main sponsors: RealPay, VocallNet and Allps-i.

This year we had top speakers such as Zipho Sikhakhane, Daniel Silke, Frans Haupt, Stephan van der Merwe and, of course, Peter Rafferty.

Frans Haupt, now retired, but formerly the director of the University of Pretoria Law Clinic was our first presenter.

Under his leadership the clinic received a number of institutional, national and international awards for education innovation and community engagement.

He is the go to person if you need a “Law Update” and once again Frans did not disappoint with his comprehensive and user-friendly slideshow. With his informal style he provided the latest and upcoming changes in our industry, with many delegates wanting his presentation on file.

Zipho had an eye-opening and inspiring presentation on the role of millennials in the future of work. She explained how millennials make up most of the work force these days since everyone born from 1977-1996 are part of the millennial generation. Millennials have different approaches to work and problem solving than previous generations and it’s important that we understand how to communicate with different generations in order to accomplish more. As a millennial that has experience working with both Baby Boomers and Gen X, she has special insight on how to approach matters.

Daniel Silke offered an exceptional presentation on global current political and economic trends affecting the world, Africa and South Africa – all packaged into an engaging, and highly insightful keynote. His presentation was titled a ‘Testing Time for Africa’.

Stephan van der Merwe, senior attorney at the University’s Law Clinic, spoke about the abuse of emolument attachment orders in the industry, and the behind the scenes progress being made. Peter Rafferty discussed the need for complete control of your business and all its surroundings, especially on Debt Forgiveness, DebiCheck and latest regulations.

Our panel discussion related to consumer protection, data encryption, data washing and reporting. The panelists were:

  • Mr. Thinus Nortje, CEO of VeriCred Credit Bureau, he has over 20 years’ experience in the Credit and Debt Recovery Industry.
  • Ms. Alison Magrath, the new Executive Manager for the Credit Bureau Association. She has a wealth of applicable experience, both in the legal field and in the credit information sphere. She works close with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) in the role of the credit bureau compliance manager.
  • Matome Bopane, the Information Risk officer at Vodacom, who has a vast knowledge on security governance and information risk management.

The day ended with drinks and huge opportunities for networking. Overall, it was a great success and we plan to grow and inspire a little more each year.

Why join our annual convention?

The biggest convention of its kind in Africa
Strategic advice from keynote speakers
Get to grips with the must-have tech in our industry
Latest developments in the debt collection industry
Meet prominent officials of SA banks and corporates
Network with industry leaders

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About FutureSoft

FutureSoft was founded by the Rafferty Brothers and development expert Jan Agenbacht after they realised, in late 2005, that there was a pressing need in the South African debt collection arena for a software solution that would combine all the different technologies into a single user-experience.

Peter and Rob Rafferty, both practicing lawyers, possessed the debt collection skills as they had been active in the industry for the best part of the preceding two decades. Although their skills assisted Jan Agenbacht and his team to understand the inner workings of a high volume debt collection enterprise; it soon became evident that a person skilled in project management, data management and systems integration was needed to ensure the future of FutureSoft’s projects. Jaco Pierre Sonnekus, a life-long friend of the Rafferty Brothers and a man skilled in project- and data management as well as business analysis, solution definition, and configuration and deployment of solutions joined the team and completed FutureSoft’s Executive Team. Internally, each of these four Executive Members of the FutureSoft Team represent one of the four cornerstones of FutureSoft’s success, namely …

… Passion, Logic and Execution through our Technology

Management expert Rudolph van Schalkwyk joined FutureSoft as Director after spending a number of years in America. Shortly afterwards, Optimisation Specialist Sashin Thotha was also appointed as Director.

Together the Executive- and Management Teams manage over 70 staff members who ensure that FutureSoft clients are taken care of.

Excalibur is currently employed as the Debt Collection Management System of choice by numerous law firms and Debt Recovery Agencies across South Africa. In addition, a number of banks and many large South African corporates have installed Excalibur to deal with their own ‘early delinquency’ debtors and their outsource requirements.

Excalibur is integrated into all the Banks, many City Councils, telecoms companies, the SABC and numerous other credit providers.

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