Postponed until further notice

Join us on

9th & 10th September 2020

09h00 – 11h30

R500 (excl. Vat) per attendee. Includes access for both days as well as entry into giveaways.

Exposure to:

  • Leadership, wisdom and visionary insight from industry leaders and speakers
  • More than 500 attendees from all over Africa
  • Benchmark with decision makers in debt collection, law, banks and corporates

(Bookings Closed)


Explore insights with our inspiring list of Speakers on Ever-Changing and Adapting to the new normal live from our Excalibur Studio on:

  • Embracing South Africa’s Financial Setbacks with Ndumiso Hadebe
  • Future Workforce with Marno Boshoff
  • Update on Legislation in the Legal Domain with Eddie Hanekom
  • Are you ready for DebiCheck with PASA
  • The Challenges of Change with Michael Jackson
  • Early adaption and Adoption with Peter Rafferty


Click on the portraits below for more information

Eddie Hanekom

Marno Boshoff

Michael Jackson

Ndumiso Hadebe

Peter Rafferty

Maurits Pretorius & Pierre Coetzee from PASA


With the new normal and Covid 19 FutureSoft is not cancelling our 11th Annual Debt Collection Conference we are adjusting this year we are going virtual.

Join our event with Financial and Law experts focusing on challenges now and after Covid 19 with industry related approaches for the new normal. Keeping clients and attendees at the heart of strategies.

Sponsors save a ton on resources.

You guessed it… more money in your pocket, no travel, lodging, promotional items, and other costly expenses typically associated with trade shows. But wait, it gets better…

Virtual events bring more attendees

(a.k.a. qualified leads). Virtual conferences are easier for attendees to join because there is no travel involved and there is no minimum space requirement, so you can fit as many as you’d like. Come one, come all, from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone. The best part?

Reporting and Analytics tracking

At physical conferences, you usually just get a standard attendance report. At virtual conferences or virtual exhibitions, reporting and analytics track every move attendees make. Here’s the best part, we run analytics and this data will contribute to your follow-up strategy, giving high-value content based on specific user’s interest.

Virtual shows give sponsors increased exposure

Virtual events have longer lifespans than their physical counterparts. What does that mean?With our virtual platform sponsors information is available for up to 90 days and with You tube video sharing for another 6 months

Create residual for your brand

Create residual for your brand and generate a substantial amount of leads before and LONG after the doors to a virtual show would have closed. Now that’s just good business.

Various forms of media enhance the sales experience

Virtual trade shows are becoming one of the most popular ways for companies to communicate their messages quickly and effectively, exhibiting their innovations to mass online audiences.

Attendees and sponsors engage at an unprecedented rate

Virtual shows actually make it easier for attendees to interact with each other and sponsors. Attendees can now create their own online profiles, interact in event-wide group chats, and engage in value-packed conversations with other participants.

(Bookings Closed – Sponsors to be announced soon)

About FutureSoft

FutureSoft was founded by the Rafferty Brothers and development expert Jan Agenbacht after they realised, in late 2005, that there was a pressing need in the South African debt collection arena for a software solution that would combine all the different technologies into a single user-experience.

Peter and Rob Rafferty, both practicing lawyers, possessed the debt collection skills as they had been active in the industry for the best part of the preceding two decades. Although their skills assisted Jan Agenbacht and his team to understand the inner workings of a high volume debt collection enterprise; it soon became evident that a person skilled in project management, data management and systems integration was needed to ensure the future of FutureSoft’s projects. Jaco Pierre Sonnekus, a life-long friend of the Rafferty Brothers and a man skilled in project- and data management as well as business analysis, solution definition, and configuration and deployment of solutions joined the team and completed FutureSoft’s Executive Team. Internally, each of these four Executive Members of the FutureSoft Team represent one of the four cornerstones of FutureSoft’s success, namely …

… Passion, Logic and Execution through our Technology

Management expert Rudolph van Schalkwyk joined FutureSoft as Director after spending a number of years in America. Shortly afterwards, Optimisation Specialist Sashin Thotha was also appointed as Director.

Together the Executive- and Management Teams manage over 70 staff members who ensure that FutureSoft clients are taken care of.

Excalibur is currently employed as the Debt Collection Management System of choice by numerous law firms and Debt Recovery Agencies across South Africa. In addition, a number of banks and many large South African corporates have installed Excalibur to deal with their own ‘early delinquency’ debtors and their outsource requirements.

Excalibur is integrated into all the Banks, many City Councils, telecoms companies, the SABC and numerous other credit providers.

Contact Details

FutureSoft – Sonja Labuschagne

Building 4
Hazel Close Office Park
141 Witch-Hazel Avenue
Highveld Techno Park

Falcon Software (Pty) Ltd

Building 4
Hazel Close Office Park
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